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The most fun, Miller Lite-fueled, high-energy, interactive shit-show of a music duo in the USA


The Bachman & Polk Happy Hour Show is an Orlando FL-based music duo playing all of the hit songs from every genre and generation, mixing in fun TV themes, adult humor, a few uptempo original songs, and outlandish toasts. 

There is something for everyone over 18. 

BP have the uncanny ability to take a crowd to total silence with Bachman's nightly tribute to our nation's heroes, and minutes later the walls are shaking from the Polk-led screams of anthems like "Friends In Low Places" and "Don't Stop Believin." Their dedicated fans have packed their weekly show in Orlando for the last two years and shows no signs of slowing down. This is a 3-hour, drunken show you will never remember, with friends you won't forget! 


See what others are saying:

"Great show. Best show I've ever seen. Tremendous show.

Those guys are fit, respectful, and obviously very skilled at their craft."

- Donald J Trump (who has never seen our show)

"I laughed so hard, I almost died!  Almost."  

- Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones

"Bachman was a very polite and family-oriented performer until Zac Polk came along. I will never see that show again!"

- Karen on Yelp after seeing the BP Show

"I like when the furry-faced one pets my leg hair!"
- President Joe Biden

"Fuck Nick!"
- Rob Reschke

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